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Jonathan Murata


Discussion 105
Monday, Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm
Location: 155 Barrows

Office Hours:
Tuesday, 9:00-11:00am
Location: 341B Soda

Discussion Materials:

I'll upload any material presented in discussion for you to view. Both my preparation notes and the live version will be shown.

Section 1: Processes and Address Space (annotated): notes live

Section 2: Process Wrap-up and Syscalls (annotated): notes live

Section 3: Threads and Locks (annotated): notes live

Section 4: Scheduling and Synchronization (annotated): notes live

Section 5: I/O and Deadlock (annotated): notes live

Section 6: Basic Networking and Socket Programming (annotated): notes live

Please note that I'm not very good at Networking and you should probably look for the solutions on the website instead of my notes for section 6.

Section 7: Wait/Exit in PintOS, Midterm Review (annotated): notes live

Section 8: I/O, Queueing Theory, RPC (annotated): notes live

Section 9: Filesystems Intro (annotated): notes live

Section 11: FFS, Virtual Memory (annotated): notes live

Section 12: Cache, Clock Algorithm, Demand Paging (annotated): notes live

Section 13: Distributed Systems (annotated): notes live

Important Links:

Section Survey