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Jonathan Murata


Lab 102
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00am-2:00pm
Location: 275 Soda

I do not have Office Hours for CS61BL

Additional Materials:

I'll upload any material presented in lab for you to view. Both my preparation notes and the live version will be shown.

Lab 02 Worksheet: Box and Pointer Diagrams (annotated): notes live

Lab 03 Worksheet: Loops, Arrays, and Code Analysis (annotated): notes live

Enigma Descriptive Skeleton:

Lab 04 Worksheet: Static and Dynamic Typing (annotated): notes live

Lab 05 Worksheet: IntLists (annotated): notes live

Lab 07 Worksheet: Runtime (annotated): notes live

Lab 09 Worksheet: Tree Traversals (Preorder, Inorder, Postorder) (annotated): notes live

Lab 10 Worksheet: Comparators and BSTs (annotated): notes live

Lab 11 Worksheet: Red Black Trees and BTrees (annotated): notes live

Lab 12 Worksheet: Exceptions and Iterators (annotated): notes live

Lab 13 Worksheet: Hash Maps (Won Ryu): notes

Lab 14 Worksheet: Heap and Priority Queue (annotated): notes live

Lab 16 Worksheet: Graph Representations (annotated): notes live

Lab 17 Worksheet: Graph Algorithms (annotated): notes live

Lab 18 Worksheet: K-D Trees (annotated): notes live

Lab 19 Worksheet: Comparison Sorts (annotated): notes live

Lab 20 Worksheet: Radix Sort (annotated): notes live

Lab 21 Worksheet: Disjoint Sets (annotated): notes live

Lab 22 Worksheet: Regex (annotated): notes live

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